Ganapati Homa




This homa is for you if you -


Are making a new beginning,

Are struggling to grow in your career, 

Are Facing obstacles in buying your own home or getting a new job, 

Are suffering from body pains, 

Are signing a new contract,

Are starting a new journey - abroad or travel to distant places, 

Want to be blessed with good memory power and success in examinations and academics, 

Are taking up a new course in school, college or PG

Want to correct yours or others' negative and crooked thinking patterns, 

Are suffering from curvature of the spine and other spinal disorders and deficiencies, 

Want a quick blessing, 

Want to free yourself from debts, 

Want to ward off troubles,

Want to Increase devotion, 

Want to reduce your ego and progress spiritually, 

Want to perform spiritual Sadhana successfully, 

Want to instill humbleness and humility in you, 

Want to experience love, laughter and happiness in life, 

Want to acquire healing skills and power, 

Want to acquire power to control any situation efficiently, 

Want to enjoy peace of mind, 

Want a positive shift in your life, 

Want to come out depression, 

Want to accomplish tasks swiftly, 

Want your desires to be granted quickly, 

Want your dreams to come true,

Want to be blessed with intelligence and good acumen,

Want to be blessed with good health,

Want to speeded up your work, 

Are starting a new business venture  


This Homa is performed by giving 108 ‘Ahuti’s or offerings into the sacrificial fire with powerful names of Lord Ganesha. Prasad of Kumkum (Vermillion), Haldi (Turmeric), Chandan & Akshatha will be given to the Sevakarta (one who is getting the pooja done along with the black paste known as havan raksha tilak. This havan or homa has immense significance as Lord Ganapati is worshipped first before offering pooja to any other form of Divinity too, so that the worship itself is free of obstacles. 

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