Ekadasha Rudrabhisheka Rudra Havan


Ekadasha Rudra Prashna Chamaka Prashna Paatha and Rudra Homa on February 13, 2018 

11 Priests will do the Rudra Paath 11 times each with mahanyasam, rudra kramarchana sahitham,11 dravyas abhishekam in lord Shiva and will offer 11 Ahutis to Lord Shiva through Rudra Homa/ havan. 

Duration of Pooja: 6 hours. 


Totally 11 abhisheka dravyas are offered to Lord Shiva. 

First aavruthi - 1 st gandha thailam,

2nd aavruthi - pancha gavyam,

3rd aavruthi- panchamrutham made with a combination of banana, sugar candy and different varieties of dry fruits (similar to what is given in Palani subramanya swamy temple and sabari mala) 

4th aavruthi-ghee,

5th aavruthi- milk,

6th aavruthi -curd,

7th aavruthi- honey,

8th aavruthi- sugar cane juice,

9th aavruthi- fruit juice,

10 th aavruthi- tender coconut,

11th aavruthi- pure sandal paste water, 

12 rithviks eka aavruthi (dashamsha ) rudra homa, vasordharai(aajya poornahuthi) chamaka parayanam.


Registration for this pooja  is purely on first come first serve basis as it will be done exclusively in their name and star during Nishit Kaal also known as (Jaavas)

Do this pooja in your name. Benefits of this pooja are infinite. An attempt has been made to list a few of them below. 


Equivalent to enjoying the merits of doing  Ashwamedha yagna

Earns the benefits of doing Vajapeya Yagna 

Sarva Paapa Prayaschita and Sarva Dosha nivarana- Get rid of sins of all lifetimes and all doshas in your horoscope. 

Very Good for health and long life

Be blessed by Lord Shiva to exit the loop of karma and cycle of birth and re-birth (punajanma) 

Shathru Samhara 

To gain raja yogas

To enjoy all divya  bhogas 

To Solve all your problems 

To gain akarshana shakti- power of attraction and power of magnetism

To gain success in all spheres 

Accomplish all tasks especially tasks that are pending for a long time 

To function with government easily or anukool from government 

To get blessings of all 9 planets, all gods and goddesses.

To get blessings very fast. 

Get blessings of Pitru Devatas.  



Video of the pooja will be shared with you through WhatsApp or youtube. 

Cost : Rs. 62,000 per family.

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