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Sudarshana Homa

It is the most powerful homa to ward off negativity, evil eye, shatru badha, and ill health. This homa confers blessings in the form of protection to the one who seeks refuge of the great sudarshan chakra of Maha Vishnu. 

It also confers the boon of good health, protective shield, peace, prosperity and helps the devotee absolves bad or negative Karma. 

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Monday, 28 December 2015 06:31

Nama Archana of Budha Graha

Nama Archana of Budha/Mercury:Removes obstacles that delay marriage, confers progeny and absolves all sins. Promotes growth in technical, management and medical fields. Enhances memory and intelligence. Sets right thyroid deficiency. Brings success in quiz competitions.

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Monday, 28 December 2015 04:13

Hanuman Languli Kavach Paath



YOU NEED RAKSHA if you are Suffering from - 


Evil eye 

Betrayal in business, love, friendship

Bad dreams, Fear and Anxiety

Sudden Financial loss

Sudden health and mental instability

Low confidence levels

Sudden drop in studies and performing skills

Bad company and negative influence


Everything becoming topsy turvy all of a sudden in the past 2 months.

Business crashing down.

Your popularity suddenly hitting zero level

Offers and opportunities not coming to you anymore?

Feeling of a surge of negative forces in & around you which is cutting short your growth?


Don't be a victim of negative forces invoked on you by your opponents. 


Have a sure shot solution today. 


This is a 11 days pooja which is either started on a Tuesday or on a saturday. This Paath will comprise of beeja mantras as well as powerful verses on Lord Hanuman. By propitiating Hanuman in this manner we recieve his protection as he will control the inimical forces with his languli (meaning tail). 


Tulsi, Theertha, Akshata and Sankalp is sent to you as prasad along with a Raksha thread with Talisman that you can tie around your neck or right hand shoulder. 









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Monday, 28 December 2015 03:59

Durga Namaskara

This is a little bit different from the Durga Pooja routine everyone knows. Here, a lamp signifies the goddess Durga. Lamp is lit and Pooja is performed for the Lamp in an elaborated manner. Upon completion of the pooja rituals, Aarati is offered to Goddess Durga and 108 Pradakshina namaskaras are performed around the Goddess in the form of Deepa (hughe lamp). This pooja is beneficial for those who seek blessings of Goddess Durga to ward off their bad luck or misfortune. 

It is also beneficial for those who are very much prone to attract negative energy, inimical forces, prone to accidents and particularly those who are under the influence of Rahu in their horoscopes either through placement of Rahu or through Rahu Dasha. 

Those who wish to avoid problems of any kind and particularly if you are anticipating any problem coming your way, you may do this to completely prevent the problems. 



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